JoBLy, who are we?

How could we help you?

A fresh look at your resume !

Feel free to trust our writers expert on recruitment process in several activities: industries, computing, health field, service industry ...
Our experience in human ressources, and especially recruitment with headhunters and service providers, allowed our team to understand an environmental analysis of business and activities of the job seekers.
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Preparing your application

Increase your self-esteem by showing your incentive.
Promote your difference with a real reflection on the structure and the content of your cover letter which will be studying by our experts to improve the recruiters reading.
Our consultants JoBLy will match your competencies and qualities with the job opportunities and the recruiters search.
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Support your application

We propose a training in several workshops for the job seekers needing a clear look at their career path, a customised coaching to reach their professional projects.

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    Under 5 working days, JoBLy ensure the delivery of a customised resume based on an existing one.The warranty is the same for the cover letter... Read more

You're going to live in France? You're looking for a job and you need some help?

JoBLy allows you to be more easily approaching thanks to a custum french resume.

Our experience allows us to understand a lot of business activities in the french market.

Please visit our offers for more details.

JoBLy is not a way to come in France but gives you the visibility you need to find a job here.